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Designed with the genderneutral concept in mind. A mix of fun and minimal.

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We live in a world with an enormous fast-fashion industry, but have you thought about what´s behind cheap prices? Children working, low salaries, bad work conditions (to say the least). We want to fight it. We are talking about human beings and what is or not ethical to do.

We work with suppliers based in the north of Portugal, and since we have close relationship with them, we know that they have amazing conditions for their workers! We also try to use dead stock, when possible, to recycle materials, and our stock is low to avoid over producing!


Before creating Studio Clay, we thought about all the gaps there were in this industry. The oversized fit is not a new trend, we know that, however, for kidswear, it isn´t that common. We created a specific size guide for some pieces that are meant to look oversized, not only because it looks cool, but the collection can stay longer in your kids closet! No need to buy clothes every one/two months!


There´s the concept of genderneutral parenting and genderneutral fashion that can or not be the same thing. Studies show that kids that grow up with this philosophy develop higher emotional intelligence.

Studio clay was created during times that people started to be more conscious about this particular subject, and we believe that we all should be more educated. In this line of thought, we design collections with the genderneutral concept because we want to fight the stereotypes! Every kid has their own personality and passions, and no matter the gender, we want them to be free minded and make their own choices!

By creating minimal, timeless, and genderneutral pieces, gives you the opportunitty to reuse the clothing for future kids, os pass it through generations!


It´s pretty simple when it comes to baby´s clothes that organic fabrics are better.

First of all, the durability is way longer, and don´t forget that you are going to be washing your baby´s clothes loads of times.

Second, it decreases the probability of your baby develop skin rashes since their skin is way too sensitive and absorbs more chemicals!

Organic Fabrics are more environmentally friendly, so you are contributing to responsible production since there are no pesticides or chemicals involved! 

Happy baby means happy mother earth as well!

Trust the professionals, and trust us!